Chocolate Tower Truffle Cake – The biggest, yummiest and tallest of them all!

Dessert’s name- Chocolate Tower Truffle Cake

Venue- The Cheesecake Factory, Dubai

Cost- AED 37 / INR 650

My rating- 

Honouring my blog’s name, I am going to review the Chocolate Tower Truffle Cake first and foremost. For a chocolate lover, this was a slice of heaven. Correction. It was a huge slice of heaven! The word ‘tower’ in this dessert’s name isn’t misplaced. If served straight up in one’s plate it would be at least 10 inches tall. I know. I still can’t get over it. It left me so full and satisfied. So here’s what it was like:

I believe there were seven layers of cake, with the truffle cream and chocolate mousse alternating for in the lavish layers. Served with three generous swirls of whipped cream by its side, its outer side was covered with finger-nail sized choco chips. A small bite of this cake and I was lost in its chocolatey goodness! The choco chips were crunchy at the beginning of the bite and smoothly melted away by the time I finished my bite. The texture of truffle cream was soft and not at all grainy. It certainly left me wanting more! A perfect cake for chocolate lovers!


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