Greek dessert wine – Vinsanto

Dessert’s name- Vinsanto Wine

Venue- Somewhere in Fira, Greece

Cost- € 15 per glass / INR 1095

My rating- 

It was one of those perfect days. I was vacationing in Santorini and to unwind in the eve we stopped at a quaint little place in Fira. I tried the famous Greek yogurt, really thick and creamy. The best I have had for sure! Then came the fava and tomatokeftedes. We all know what follows a good meal. An even better dessert! Hehe. It was such a beautiful evening. I was in just the right mood to enjoy another glass of wine. The maître d’ arrived for taking our last course’s order. It was almost as if my inner dessert-loving self quickly sent me a reminder about a few things I had mentally noted before starting the trip. I knew what I was having- a greek dessert wine!

I ordered Vinsanto. It combines two words. ‘Vin’ is derived from the Italian word for wine, vino. ‘Santo’ denotes the region where its produced, i.e. Santorini. Hence we have ‘Vinsanto’. As expected, it was quite sweet in taste. But hey I am not complaining. Somewhere between ruby red and hazy amber, it was light bodied and carried a fruity aroma. As you can see, it displayed slight effervescence. The first sip brought with it a blast of this amazing fruity flavour. It’s finish was surprisingly long lasting. Well, I would definitely say that it was a great change from the usual desserts. I liked it so much that I brought home a small Vinsanto bottle. Cheers!


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