Chocolate Mocha Tart

Dessert’s name- Chocolate Mocha Tart

Venue- Palkikhana, Udaipur, India.

Cost- INR 400/-

My rating- 

While having this one, I noticed how colours on the laid table complemented the dark brown chocolate tart. The subtle orange-rimmed plate with an inviting tart in the centre made it aesthetically pleasing as well. 

The description in their menu mentioned a ‘poppy seed crisp’. I guess they forgot to serve it along with the tart. I realised this after I finished the tart so can’t really complain! Coming to how it tasted, it didn’t disappoint me at all. The bottom most layer was a crunchy pastry dough crust. Next came the dark chocolate truffle topped with mocha flavoured ganache. It was well-set, not at all soppy and my first bite left me wanting more. For those who like a hint of coffee/mocha with the goodness of chocolate, this is it! 🙂 


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