Turkish delight- Lokum

Dessert’s name- Lokum

Venue- Spice Bazar, Istanbul, Turkey

Cost- 5 TRY / INR 110 for an assorted 1/2 kg box

My rating- 

The story about Lokum’s origins goes something like this- the Ottoman sultan was tired of having ‘hard candy’ and demanded something soft and sweet to relish. So the royal confectioner invented Lokum, now better known as simply Turkish delight. Easily available throughout Turkey, they make for a light dessert post meals and can even be enjoyed with Turkish tea or coffee. It is a gel based sweet confection. There are a plethora of flavours available- pistachio, rose, mint, chocolate, walnut, hazelnut…you name it and they have it!

I thought they tasted very similar to our good old jujubes. However unlike the latter, Turkish delight is way softer and has a covering of white icing sugar in lieu of granulated sugar. The sight of these glass-encased colourful delights in Spice Bazar prompted me to buy a small half kg box with different flavours. I didn’t particularly go gaga over them. I was still wandering like a dervish in the land of dervishes…in search of my true Turkish delight. No. I am not talking about some Turkish man sweeping me off my feet haha! I shall soon reveal what I am talking about in my coming posts!

Watch this space guys! 😉


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