KATAIFI from the Greek Islands

Dessert’s name- Kataifi (Sometimes called Kadaifi)

Venue- Fira, Greece

Cost- 8 EUR / INR 600 

My rating- 

Did you know that Baklava’s origin is actually contested? I learnt this when I visited Greece and asked the friendly cafe owner for a typical Greek dessert. His first suggestion was Baklava! Having tasted Baklava earlier, I requested him to bring me ‘something else’, and quick! Our cruise was almost ready for departure. This ‘something else’ turned out to be quite different from the usual desserts I have had. Locals call it Kataifi. It is categorised as a pastry and has crispy thin strands rolled up together. They served it with a scoop of chocolate ice cream and some whipped cream, topped with chocolate sauce. It was at once crispy and amazingly moist. I noticed that it was the bottom part of Kataifi which was drenched in cinnamon flavoured sugar syrup. The upper crust remained crunchy yet fluffy. There was a delightful filling of walnuts, pistachios and almonds. I will give it what it truly deserves- 4 out of 5! 


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