Dolci Italiano! Chocolate Lasagna

Dessert’s name- Chocolate Lasagna 

Venue- Caffe Tonino’s, CP, New Delhi

Cost- INR 250 / 4$

My rating- 

Trust Italians to combine chocolate and cheese. And how! After a hearty Italian meal at Caffe Tonino’s CP, I wanted a dose of something chocolatey. I was confused between their flourless chocolate cake and chocolate lasagna. When the attendant described the latter, I stopped listening when he mentioned cheese. ‘What? Really?! Cheese with chocolate, are you sure?’, asked a curious me. I reluctantly went ahead and ordered it anyway. Whenever a dessert arrives with a scoop of ice cream, I take solace in the fact that all won’t go waste in case the dessert turns out to be bad! Haha. This one came with an accompanying vanilla scoop. What’s it made of- two layers of warm chocolate cake separated by a middle white chocolate layer, topped with soft grated cream cheese. Cake was soft and slightly gooey. I am not a fan of white chocolate but in this chocolate version of lasagna I didn’t mind having it for a change. Cheers!


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