Special post- Aata Halwa by my Mum

Dessert’s name- Aata Halwa

Venue- Home sweet home

Cost- 10 pecks, 1 big hug and a minute of cajoling the cook

Rating-  {Read Best(est)!!!!! }

Our home kitchen was undergoing some massive renovation. Yesterday we decided to finally inaugurate it! It also happened to be ‘Dhanteras’, a pre-Diwali festivity and some celebrations were in order. Supermom decided to make some delicious aata halwa of all of us. Roughly translated into English, it would mean ‘wheat flour pudding’. When I made it long back in London, my flatmates told me that it tasted divine, almost like the unbaked cookie dough! Guess I have to thank my mother who taught me how to make it. It’s easy and one can make it in a jiffy. The recipe is no secret. We all know it fairly well. But perhaps it’s the generous doses of ‘Maa ka pyar’ which make it so special. Every single time! It turned out to be just perfect. Soft, warm and absolutely fresh! She garnished it with some cashew nuts and raisins. Needless to say, it was finished in minutes. Pictures is all I have now! Here we go:

Almost ready!
Almost ready!
A bowl full of Maa ka pyar! ;)
A bowl full of Maa ka pyar! 😉

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