Chocolate Opium


I envy all those people who are having Christmas plum cake. Share and spread the cheer (Read: send some this way hehe). Today I’ll review my second dessert to get 5 stars! Read on…

Dessert’s name- Chocolate Opium

Venue- Theobroma, Mumbai, India

Cost- INR 95 

My rating-  

The Christmas special post is about a deadly chocolatey treat I had in Mumbaaaiiii! It came highly recommended from a dear friend. Chocolate Opium is a chocolate lover’s delight. Just the right size, much smaller than the chocolate pave reviewed earlier. It comprises layers of moist chocolate genoise and whipped chocolate cream and topped with chocolate ganache. It’s decorated with a white chocolate cigar. I simply loved the rich texture of this pastry. Smooth as velvet in spite of the cake layers in it. Ah! Just writing about it makes me drool. One can easily get addicted to this wonderful chocolate pastry. No wonder they named it opium.Yum yum yummmmmm!


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