Squidgy Chocolate Mousse Cake

Dessert’s name- Squidgy chocolate mousse cake

Venue- The Big Chill Café, Delhi

Cost- INR 300 Approx.

My rating-   + 1

I knew it! I knew it from the beginning! This cake is so different it ought to have different ingredients from the usual chocolate cakes. Turns out that this was my life’s first pavé based cake and not the one I had at home (Read about it here). I have had it zillion times but I confirmed the ingredients when I had it again last month. It’s a flourless cake. They make it so perfectly I could never have guessed! Usually, the flourless cakes are patchy and a bit hard due to the refrigerating. Not the one at Big Chill. The star ingredient is the creamy white whipped cream with a touch of liquor which is ensconced between two layers of chocolate cake. There is also a tiny layer of chocolate mousse. Add to that a perfect uppermost layering of dark chocolate ganache. A bite of it and you’ll not even realise how and when the layers combined so effortlessly into one to give you that amazing ‘Oh-I-am-in-heaven’ feeling! Perhaps this is why it’s creator decided to name it as a ‘squidgy’ cake. A cautionary note dear dessert lovers. Don’t let it’s small size misguide you. It is quite heavy on the stomach. I would suggest that you have it before the meal lest you sin by wasting even a bite of it!

This one will always have a truly special place in my heart, err…stomach!  I eye it right from the moment I cross the main counter and saunter over to one of the tables. Although I enjoy my meal whenever I go, it is this particular dessert which completes the experience. Always. I’ll confess that I like it more than Big Chill’s famous blueberry cheesecake. If only I could put in words my love for this dessert! I’ll conclude by requesting you not to judge me. Well, I am a good-hearted, kind person you know! BUT…I haven’t and will absolutely NOT share it with anyone. Ever! You are all mine, squidgy chocolate mousse cake. 

With all my heart, I’ll gladly rate it now. This dessert gets 6 out of 5! Will be back with more reviews soon!


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