Orange Juice Cake

Dessert’s name- Orange Juice Cake

Venue- Theobroma, Mumbai

Cost- INR 500 for a full portion

My rating-   

Orange juice cake. The first time I cam across this item on Theobroma’s menu, I was intrigued. It was a gamble. Especially on your first visit ever to Theobroma. I didn’t even know when I’ll be able to come next. I was flying out of Mumbai that very evening. So I decided to stick to the tried and tested chocolate flavoured goodies. Since then, I have always wondered what this marvellous sounding cake would be like.

I finally got my chance to taste it after a year since I first saw it! My daddy dearest was at the Mumbai T2 Airport. I was thrilled because I knew they had recently opened an outlet at the airport. Skeptical about how long it would stay fresh is this sweltering summer season, I didn’t include it in my long request list. I wasn’t at peace. Well…orange juice cake must be bought, said my fickle, dessert-loving heart. I called up my father again. Mission accomplished! Never ever have I waited so eagerly for my father haha! Minutes after he entered I found myself unwrapping the delicate, oh-so-beautiful cake. I took a big slice and helped myself. Let me tell you, it was just ultimate! So fresh and moist. A simple yet mind blowing combination of orange flavour and good old madeira sponge cake. The real orange juice they used in making it was just, well, the juice-ing in the cake! I wonder if they used the artificial orange extract at all. The zesty flavour and the citrus aroma together has left a lasting impression. Mumbaikars, I am so jealous of you. You have ready access to this cake and much more.This one is highly recommended fellow dessert lovers. 


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