Rose and Raspberry Eclair


Dessert’s name- Rose and Raspberry Eclair

Venue- Courtyard Marriott, Bhopal, Madhya Pradesh

Cost- INR 140 

My rating- 

It was 10:30 pm. The sangeet (basically a wedding time get-together with lots of dancing and good music) left me exhausted. The buffet had some tempting desserts like Shahi Tukra, Tiramissu and some typical Indian sweets. I was about to take a plate and try them all out but a divine, destined, ‘dessert intervention’ happened! My mother sent me down till the car for an urgent chore. On my way back to the hall I discovered Marriott’s petit little indoor café called The Eclair Lounge. Naturally I couldn’t resist and I just waltzed in, mesmerised by the inviting lovely treats on display. I decided to go with something non-chocolatey. There were around three to four different flavours in eclair pastry. I chose the rosy pink rose and raspberry eclair. Maybe sweet toothed people like me send out good vibes which convey our serious passion for desserts, you know. I am saying this because the attendant, while serving my order, enlightened me about their post 10:00 pm discounts. They offered fifty percent off! So I got the eclair for just 70 INR! Inclusive of all taxes. Not bad AT all right? With a goofy grin, I went ahead and ordered myself a second treat called Mango delight (shall review it soon) for take away.

The eclair’s base and crust was the usual one. It was made with choux pastry. It gets good points for its fluffy-ness. It wasn’t soggy. But I felt it could have been lighter and softer. The centre had baby pink coloured gooey marshmallow. Or at least that is what I thought. It was actually just cream with rose flavour and dried raspberry small juliennes. A typical well made eclair is supposed to have the cream ooze out of it’s piped holes. But this one fell flat. The cream was sandwiched in between. The top was swathed in a bright pink sugary syrup. I’d say the different flavour was what made having it a delight. The discount made it sweeter, of course. I’d grade it with 3 stars.  


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