Twins, almost!

Fraternal twins in the world of desserts

Last month I had a set of two dessert jars from Theobroma. Kicked off this month with another set of two special desserts I sampled during a Tex Mex food fest in Udaipur. I have labelled these desserts as ‘fraternal twins’ because of their shared common appearance (read presentation) but very different tastes! Will review them in two parts. Here we go.


Part one

After a long time, I had the chance to have authentic and absolutely amazing Mexican food in my hometown. However, their desserts menu just had two desserts. But one can’t complain much when they are made really well and stand out stupendously. Reviewing them in a reverse order.

Dessert’s nameChilli guava sauce with ice cream

Venue– Brahma Niwas, Udaipur

Cost– INR 189

My rating– 


Due to some reasons, twin number two wasn’t available on the day I went. Well, the dessert’s description was too interesting and I wasn’t going to give it a pass. So I found myself going back to the same place just to sample this dessert. No regrets!


The chilli guava sauce is what made it super special. It had minuscule guava pieces in a caramelised sauce (made with demerara sugar) with a hint of red chillies. The first bite was the most anticipated one. I did try something similar in Mumbai at Bachelors- their chilli ice cream. But this was quite different and I can’t compare the two. I avoided taking a generous helping of the sauce in my first bite lest it burnt my tongue. I was relieved to find out how subtly balanced the spicy taste actually was. It encouraged me to scoop out more sauce with my next spoonful of ice cream. If I had to breakdown how it tasted, I’d say that sweetness of the sauce comes first, then comes the melted vanilla ice cream…and finally, that zing of chillies! Mind blowing stuff. By the time I reached the bottom of my ice cream bowl, the sauce had clumped together. I was told this happened because the sauce had not cooled down properly, thereby tempering it a little. This did not affect the taste, thankfully. I am not quite experimental with pungent flavours but I am glad I didn’t leave this one out. A shout out to the chefs for pulling this one off with such ease. It.was.hawwttt.


Dessert’s name- Dulce de leche with ice cream

Venue– Brahma Niwas, Udaipur

Cost– INR 189

My rating


Coming to the dessert I had on day one. Vanilla is a classic flavour. It still continues to be a popular choice for so many of us, probably because of its versatility. I remember having it with what not…chocolate sauce, jelly, gulab jamun, plain chocolate chunks and very recently with some home made cherry jam.

This time, I had it with dulce de leche. On it’s own, I found it to be too sweet to relish. It was so sweet that I felt a sharp sensation in my teeth. I swear I could have done an advertisement for Sensodyne toothpaste haha! ‘Daato mein jhanjhanaahat’.


Vanilla and dulce de leech mixed together tasted much better. I loved what the chefs used to balance out the overpowering sweetness. The reddish brown toppings which you see in the pictures is the star ingredient in this dessert. They are basically caramelised pineapple juliennes. Dulce de leche looked liked a darker version of caramel sauce and tasted much like the toffee sauce found in most Banoffee pies. It’s made by slowly heating condensed milk for a really long time. Some information I stumbled upon while reading up more about dulce de leche. In Argentina it is made with milk, sugar and little vanilla essence and baking soda. In other countries it is made with just milk and sugar. I read somewhere that it can take up to seven hours. Well, the Hindi proverb literally fits in here-  सब्र का फल मीठा होता है ! (Transliteration: the fruit(s) of patience is sweet).

You must try it believe how good it is! I’d give it four stars.

Will be back with part deux soon!


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