Twins, almost (part deux)

Part two

Dessert jars

Dessert jars, Theobroma

Here’s part two of my ‘Dessert Twins’ series. Presenting Theobroma’s killer dessert jars. Drool drool droooool.

Dessert jars have been in vogue for quite some time now. They are so appealing, visually and otherwise. What’s more, it doesn’t give you a chance to complain about the quantity. I liked the fact that I could dig in and eat as and when I pleased; I’d put the lid back when I had a good share and reunite with it during those midnight craving sessions. Dessert jars are convenient like that! Twin jars, almost- salted caramel and praline jar and red velvet cake.

Dessert’s name- Salted caramel and praline jar

Venue- Theobroma, Mumbai

Cost- INR 200

My rating- 


Therapy. This is pure, unadulterated and the most effective therapy my fellow dessert lovers! Take my word for it. I have mentioned before how I always give  a preferential treatment to chocolate. Red velvet had to wait. The salted caramel and praline jar is certainly a 10 on 10 dessert from Theobroma. Scooping out the yumminess in this jar, one spoonful at a time, I found myself getting lost in the goodness of chocolate.


Essentially it had three layers- melted chocolate ganache, salted caramel and sauce and moist chocolate genoise sponge. Pralines were essentially used as a topping. No praline infusion in the dessert otherwise. I liked how the salted caramel imparted a diffused, almost crunchy-yet-smooth flavour to the dessert, breaking the monotony of all things chocolate. A welcome change from all those sinful pure chocolate desserts one indulges in usually. I’m already waiting to lay my hands on my second jar of this yumminess.

PS. I did share it with my brother. Hard to believe but I did. I swear!


Dessert’s name- Red velvet dessert jar

Venue- Theobroma, Mumbai

Cost- INR 200

My rating-


It was in 2014 when I first tasted red velvet cake. My bestie really likes them and she is the one who got it for my birthday celebrations. It personally reminds me of Christmas because of the red coloured cake and the frost like cream. I’ll be honest. I am not a huge fan of this one. When it comes to desserts and experimenting I am always ready. But once I have tasted it and established how I rate it, I avoid having the same dessert again. I mean, why put on calories having something you don’t like much when you can binge on the ones you actually like. Guilt free dessert tripping. That’s what I am talking about.

The layers in this one were quite neat considering there were just two colours- red and white. Tasted just like a red velvet cake would. Only this time I was having it from a jar. I think I made the mistake of refrigerating it (I had to, lest it got spoilt outside). It resulted in the cream cheese frosting getting slightly hard. I am sure red velvet lovers would find it satiating. It was too plain and boring for me. I’d say it is worth tasting at least once.


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