Bucket list

One lifetime. Zillion desserts. How how how?! Here is my bucket list of desserts I’d like to have at least once before I die, in no particular order:

  1. Babka, Poland
  2. Baked Alaska flambé (also known as glace au four, omelette à la norvégienne), NYC
  3. Apple strudel, Germany (saw it in the movie Inglorious Basterds, 2009!)
  4. Haupia sauce, preferably with pancakes
  5. Gingerbread cookies (Yes! Yet to try)
  6. Kanafeh/Konafa, Israel
  7. Tar Halva, Iran
  8. Pavlova, Australia
  9. Alfajores, Argentina
  10. Mochi icecream, Japan
  11. Belgian waffles (No, those taken from street kiosks in London don’t qualify. We mean original. And for that we must go to Belgium. Hopefully soon!)
  12. Thai mango sticky rice pudding, Thailand
  13. Marängsviss, Sweden
  14. Affogato, Italy
  15. Pavé, Brazil
  16. Hummus Ice cream, Israel (Yes! Never thought about this right?!)
  17. Jonah’s toasted chocolate sandwich, The Wolseley, London
  18. Jack Daniels ice cream, Bungalow 9, Bandra West- Mumbai, India
  19. Kaiserschmarrn, Austria
  20. Chimney cakes, Hungary
  21. Schwarzwälder kitsch torte (Black forest cake), Germany

Note: Striking through: Essentially means that I have tried them but wasn’t satisfied at all. So I shall try it again and if it’s good, it will deserve a review.


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