Je regrette que

There are some things I regret. I try and justify why I missed having the following delicacies while I had the chance. But I have come to the conclusion that I made a mistake. I just wish the dessert gods will be kind enough to give me a second chance. Amen.

Here is my list of sins:

  1. I was in Paris and I never had macaroons from Ladurée. Half the time I was rushing towards the magnificent Eiffel Tower like an over-excited child! One just can’t get enough of it. I had umpteen number of brioches, pain au chocolat, calisson (click here for review), crepes and what not. But.not.macaroons. I know. Kill me, please. Turns out I did take a picture just for memory. This was in a bakery in Le Marais:

2. Raise your hand if you like the chocolate Mars! Did you know that we have a dessert called ‘deep fried mars bar’?! I wish I knew this earlier. Another opportunity missed. *sob*. Apparently the best ones are served at a joint in Edinburgh, Scotland- The Royal Mile Tavern. I am sure that I crossed it when I was there. Why did I miss this? My dessert world has just fallen apart. :/ Will make do with this tempting picture for now.

3. I heard a lot about this amazing place for desserts- Theobroma, Mumbai. So during my recent trip to Mumbai I went to their Bandra shop. Thrice! I managed to eat a few things- 3 dense loaves, 12 brownies (all varieties!), double choco chip cookies, lemon tart, chocolate opium pastry etc. You must be wondering what is there to regret then? Well, I know I couldn’t have possibly had all their delicacies in even three visits. But I regret not being able to eat these two goodies-

Banoffee High
Banoffee High
Raspberry Cheesecake
Raspberry Cheesecake

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