French affair- Calisson d’Aix

A dessert with history. Two legends explain its origins. A little Provence on my plate. Presenting to you my review of the famous Calisson d’Aix.


Turkish delight- Lokum

From the land of rich Ottoman heritage, belly dancing and yum yum delicacies like lokum.

Chocolate Mocha Tart

Dessert’s name- Chocolate Mocha Tart Venue- Palkikhana, Udaipur, India. Cost- INR 400/- My rating-  While having this one, I noticed how colours on the laid table complemented the dark brown chocolate tart. The subtle orange-rimmed plate with an inviting tart in the centre made it aesthetically pleasing as well.  The description in their menu mentioned…

Cute video alert!

Here’s a fun video (Courtesy AFV) featuring babies. With ice-creams! Totally adorable. Enjoy!

Rose-shaped Baked Dessert, by Manuela.

Found this really creative and easy to make rose-shaped dessert on youtube. She uses apples, some apricot preserve and puff pastry along with some apricot preserve. Video- Via Manuela Her blog has step-by-step instructions with beautiful pictures,

Desserts Quiz corner

Hey there! Check out these super fun quizzes which will test your DQ (Dessert Quotient). Yes. I just invented that term haha! Basically they will check your knowledge about desserts. Here’s the best part. You win, you celebrate with a dessert. You don’t perform well, you still get the dessert. Don’t we all just reach…

Selva Gateau Cake

Dessert’s name- Selva Gateau Cake Venue- Patisserie Valerie, London Cost- GBP 2.5 / INR 250 My rating-  I had this treat long ago in London. I used to pick up a pastry or two weekly on my way back from SOAS. It used to be my treat to self for successfully finishing those lengthy reading lists during…